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“Without his exceptional skill and adeptness at translation and interpretation, our communication and coordination with our Russian Federation counterparts would have been impossible.“ – L. E. Olsen, Capt., USN


Alex Lane

Career Overview

Over 30 years of professional experience, including 9 years in electrical and process control engineering and 4 years in software development and product management. Mr. Lane began his translation career in 1978 and has worked full time in the translation and interpretation industry for the past two decades

Translation & Interpretation Experience

ATA-certified to translate from Russian into English. Translation productivity generally exceeds 500 words per hour; annual translation output averages ~700K words. Spoken Russian is fluent, with near-native pronunciation. Mr. Lane is an experienced escort, consecutive, and simultaneous interpreter.

His education, work experience, and completion of large volumes of subject-area translations, enable Mr. Lane to provide high-quality translations in aerospace and related fields, nuclear technology, nuclear disarmament, petrochemical and related fields, control systems, safety assurance, computers, networking, programming, engineering specifications, and military subjects.


Graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook in 1974 with a BE in Engineering Science and a BA in Russian Language and Literature. Post-graduate credits earned in computer engineering at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton, Florida) in 1985 as part of the Florida Engineering Education Delivery System.

Professional affiliations

  • Member, American Translators Association (ATA) (1994–present)
    • Administrator, ATA Slavic Languages Division (2003–2005)
  • Professional engineer, State of Florida (currently inactive)
  • Member, Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society) (1974–present)


Since 2000, Mr. Lane has appeared 10 times as a speaker at Annual Conferences of the American Translators Association. The 2011 presentation, at the 52nd Annual Conference in Boston, discussed techniques for sharpening Internet search skills.

“I highly recommend viewing his presentation on the ATA’s eConference or conference DVD, if you missed it. He is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker.” – S. Welch, reviewing the 2011 presentation for SlavFile, a publication of the ATA Slavic Languages Division

The 2010 presentation, in Denver, discussed the development and use of rocket and space terminology over the course of a long-duration interpretation assignment. <WRAP box 85% center>“I was surprised at just how much terminology he had managed to slip into the presentation. Somehow, he covered the terminology without being dull and plodding, as a recitation of terminology can often be“ – J. Guernsey, reviewing the 2010 presentation for SlavFile<?WRAP>

Personal data

U.S. citizen. Native English-speaker. Fluent in Russian and French. Licensed amateur radio operator (Advanced class).

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